Electrical interface panels-photovoltaic applications

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All panels are produced using leading brand components:
- four-pole circuit breaker (general panel), complete with release coil (in the case of systems rated at over 20kWp) for activating the redundancy device, as required by current legislation;
- three-phase 20 kA surge suppressor with respective protection device;
- interface relay conforming to the Standard IEC 021 and annex A.70 of the Terna Network code, equipped with fast-blow protection fuses on the SPI three-phase input line and its power supply line;
- the interfaces are supplied by default with Enel standard values and may be customised upon request; ad hoc rated contactor with an AC3 rating as stipulated by the Standard IEC 0-21;
- appropriately rated differential thermal cut-out switches, with a breaking capacity of 6 kA 300 mA in class A to protect the individual inverters;
- casing in thermoplastic material with an ingress protection rating of IP65/IP66 and resistance to dynamic and atmospheric agents. Insulation class II. Screen-printed indicator plates and wire and terminal numbering system, terminal boards and any other items necessary for correct assembly of the panel.